We all have questions from time to time, and some questions tend to get asked more often than others. We’ve compiled a list of the questions we hear asked most frequently so you can find out what you need to know on your schedule. Of course, we are happy to help you out if you don’t find the information you need here; just give us a call during our office hours.

My child is required to take medication during school hours. What is the policy and procedure for this?

  • A physician must prescribe the medication.
  • A parent or guardian must complete an authorization form permitting our personnel to administer the medication to your child. You may pick up the authorization form from the school office.
  • The medication must come to the school office in the original prescription container with the child’s name, the name of the medicine, the dosage, and directions printed on the container. Over-the-counter medication must also be in its original packaging.
  • We will record each administration of the medication.
  • We will keep all medications in the original container/package, in a locked medicine cabinet.
  • Self-administration: in the event the physician feels it is necessary for the student to carry and self-administer the medication, we require written documentation from the physician and permission from a parent/guardian.

My child is homesick. How do I report an absence?

State law requires us to record a reason for all student absences. When your child is absent, please call the school to report and explain his/her absence. If it is not possible to call on the day of the absence, please notify us before class is in session on the morning your child returns. We will issue an admission slip prior to the student's first class. We will not excuse absences unless verified by parents/guardians or administration. We will accept a note if a parent does not have access to a phone either at home or at work.

I need to check my child out of school early. What is the procedure?

We require the parent or guardian of record to check a student out of school. Please report to the front office to sign your child out. For the safety of our students, we reserve the right to request identification of the individual picking up a child.

Do you offer an all-day kindergarten program?

Yes! We offer all-day kindergarten at no cost. Please visit our Programs page for more information.

Do you offer preschool?

Yes! We offer two free, needs-based preschool programs. We require students and family to meet the qualifications for acceptance to the preschool program. Please visit the Curriculum and Student Services page on our district site to get details on how to qualify for these programs.

What is the dress code?

Piñon Elementary is a place for learning. We wish to create an environment conducive to our purpose and free from distractions to promote an atmosphere of learning and success. We require all students to adhere to the following dress code guidelines. For additional information, please refer to the student handbook located in the Parent Quick Links.

  • We require our students to wear tops (with or without collars), sweatshirts, or sweaters, in black, gray, white, or teal. We do not permit any logos or pictures except for Piñon school logos. Shirts may not extend more than three (3) inches below the waist or be oversized. We require clothing worn beneath outerwear, sweatshirts, and sweaters to be within dress code standards.
  • We require our students to wear denim or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts, at the waistline. We consider blue and black denim acceptable, as well as khaki colors of tan or light brown. We do not permit baggy or oversized bottoms. We do not allow shorts, skirts, or skorts to be more than three inches above the knee.
  • We do not permit students to wear jackets or other outerwear in the classroom.
  • We do not permit students to cover their heads. We do not permit hats, beanies, do-rags, bandanas, sunglasses, or other head coverings on campus.

How old does my child need to be to register for kindergarten? How do I register my child for school?

Children entering kindergarten must be five (5) years old by September 1 and first graders must be six (6) years old by September 1. We have everything you need to know to enroll your child at Piñon USD on our district Registration and Immunizations page.