Here at Piñon Unified School District #4, we think our faculty and staff are pretty great! We have put together resources and information regarding your employment with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Human Resources personnel if you still have questions or need additional information.


We want to be sure we apply your recent college credits to your professional growth credits. Please submit a written request and official transcripts to our human resources department according to the rules below.


We will accept up to 48 credit hours above the highest degree earned toward a salary increase. Please submit coursework credits earned by January 31 with an official transcript by March 1. We will apply your salary increase to the next school year’s base salary. We pay $75 per credit hour, with a maximum number of credits paid per year of 18 (policy GCI-R).

We also require all certified teaching staff to complete 30 hours of district professional development each year to be eligible for a base salary increase.


We will accept up to 75 credit hours. Each credit requires a minimum of 15 seat hours. Please submit a written request for professional growth credit together with your official transcripts to the Human Resources Department by January 31. We will apply your salary increase to the following school year's pay contract at the rate of $0.10 for each group of five accepted credits.


Transportation employees must choose to apply credits toward professional growth or toward a grade change.


We require an annual, formal evaluation of our support staff on the anniversary of their hire date as well as quarterly reviews. Supervisors complete the evaluations and submit the formal documentation to our human resources department.


As a new or current teacher and educator, there is a great teacher advocacy website available to you. It has a wide array of resources that you will find very helpful. There is a specific site designed for Arizona. Take a few moments to check out this great resource.

  • Career information
  • Educator resources
  • Expert advice
  • Job profiles for positions within the field of education
  • Lesson plans
  • Scholarship information
  • State-by-state certification/licensing information
  • State-by-state teacher shortage information