• All grade levels and the exploratory team have their own websites with updated classroom information.
  • Google classroom codes are below.

ELA Google Classroom Codes:

3rd Hour: bukglxv 

4th Hour: vdwzlfo 

6th Hour: rjo3i5t 

7th Hour: dp2vm32

Math Google Classroom Codes: Students have been sent emails to join.

Social Studies Google Classroom Codes: Students have been sent emails to join.

Science Google Classroom Codes: k2doyjz

7th Grade ELA Google Classroom Codes:

2nd hour:  xhdcjaf

4th hour:  fctxhpn

5th hour:  acoaesm

7th hour:  ttmwrxo

7th Grade Math Google Classroom Codes:

2nd hour: 3vh23rd

4th hour: tmrfqbz

5th hour: tzbeijw

7th hour: koofgkn

7th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom Codes:

2nd hr code: e6t2rbi 

4th hr code: bj3vm4k 

5th hr code: ygaon3v 

7th hr code: bapjvq4

7th Grade Science Google Classroom Codes:

2nd hour: yt6g5gx

4th hour: ufnz57s

5th hour: mfv4avq

7th hour: ioprx63

8th Grade ELA Google Classroom code: 74f5uy4

Math Google Classroom Codes:

2nd hour code: tm4nkn6 

3rd hour code: tjaizzm 

5th hour code: cgvx7g7 

6th hour code: giai3pa

Social Studies: Sign into Clever and click on McGraw-Hill

Science Google Classroom Codes: 

2nd hour: utjta6t

3rd hour: ykov5yw

5th hour: v5ew53e

6th hour: yooa3mi

PE Google Classroom Codes: 

6th Grade tqmzyag 

7th Grade 6voh3xe 

8th Grade 3y74mh4

Art Google Classroom Codes: sx2jyxz

SmartLab Google Classroom Codes: 

2nd Hour hspgcc1 

3rd Hour pb7cnwe

4th Hour mbpdw55,

5th Hour nujtmqc

6th Hour 2nuxbnz

7th Hour f5emkkb

Navajo Culture (Mrs. Charlie) Google Classroom Codes:

Navajo Culture ~ 6th Grade: jiywoof

Navajo Culture ~ 7th Grade: 2dmh2a4

Navajo Culture ~ 8th Grade: 4fjrqh2

Navajo Language (Mrs. Peshlakai) Google Classroom Codes: iyd744M