Students from Piñon Elementary often travel long distances to attend school. We want to be sure that we offer programs and opportunities for our students to look forward to each day. We want all of our students to have a well-rounded education and hope they will take advantage of the opportunities we offer here at school.

Preschool Program

We offer two need-based preschool programs designed to educate and challenge all students to dream and achieve through outstanding education programs.

We admit students to the Head Start program who have reached the age of three (3) and who have been evaluated and recommended for special services.

Our regular preschool program accepts four- and five year-old students who are potty trained and whose families meet the income eligibility requirement of an annual income 200% or more below the Federal Poverty Level.

For more information about having your child screened for participation in our special needs program, or about income requirements, please visit our district Curriculum and Student Services page.

All Day Kindergarten

Piñon Elementary School students have the opportunity to participate in our all-day kindergarten program at no cost! We require students to be five (5) years old prior to September 1 for admission to the kindergarten program.

Sports & Athletics

Our elementary school is the training ground for our future varsity athletes. We offer a variety of sports clubs, teams, and competitive intramural opportunities. Our teachers and staff enjoy coaching these young athletes. We encourage all students who have a desire to play to join in on the fun!

Exceptional Student Services (ESS)

We provide special education and support services for our students with special needs or who exhibit learning difficulties. Please visit our district Curriculum and Student Services page for more details.

Library & Media Services

We are proud to offer Piñon Elementary School students a well-equipped library media center with resources provided for the curriculum at every grade level. We strive to instill a lifelong love of literature and reading in every student as well as to help each student to develop the research skills necessary for our Information Age. We allow all students to check out materials for home use and encourage parents to work with our library personnel to develop an individualized reading program for your child.