All students will be getting a Google form to complete every morning for attendance. If a student does not check-in on the Google form, front office staff will call the numbers listed in PowerSchool. Students are also encourage to call in if their Google form doesn't work. All forms and calls should be received by 8:30am every day. After 8:30am, students will be marked tardy if they call in (Google forms will be closed at 8:30am).

Student will need to log into their school email (lunchnumber@pusdatsa.org) at www.google.com . Passwords are DOB, capitalized initials, special character:

  • 6th grade: mmddyyLC#
  • 7th Grade: mmddyyJW#
  • 8th Grade: mmdyyHC$


All students will be receiving an instructional packet via mail. This is so online students can refer to paper packets if needed. Packets will be mailed out on the schedule below:

PacketDate MailedInstructional DatesDUE
1July 27July 27-Aug. 7Aug. 14
2Aug. 5Aug. 10-21Aug. 28
3Aug. 19Aug. 24-Sept. 4Sept. 11
4Sept. 2Sept. 7-25 (3 wks)Sept. 29

*ALL work is due Sept. 29 at 4pm. You may drop off your instructional packet at the Security Office Drop Box. No work will be taken after Sept. 29 4pm for 1st Quarter. 

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