Chris Ostgaard

Tonya Greyeyes
Executive Assistant 

Daniel Shorty
Human Resources Director

Jackie Francis
Human Resources Assistant

Bertha Mix
District Receptionist 

Jonathan Allen
Business Manager 

Bernice Shone
Assistant Business Manager 

Karen L. Yazzie
Accounts Payable 

Iovina Begay
Payroll Technician
Student Activities Clerk 

Francine Yeigh
ELL Technician

Genarita Yazzie
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

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We are a public school located in Piñon, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona. With a local population of just over 2,000 people, we enjoy a small, community atmosphere. At Piñon Unified School District, we offer educational services to our local residents and the surrounding communities of Hard Rock, Forrest Lake, Whippoorwill, Blue Gap, Cottonwood, Low Mountain, and Black Mesa.


We opened our doors to 400 students at Piñon Elementary School In 1984. Initially, Cedar Public School District No. 25. provided our services. Only two years later, we branched out on our own and formed Piñon Unified School District #4. Since then, we have grown from schooling only the primary grades to educating students in preschool through grade 12 at three campuses. For nearly 30 years we have dedicated our resources to providing the best education available to the children of our community.


"Every Learner, Future Ready."


“PUSD commits to providing an effective, rigorous instructional program that empowers and prepares learners for a complex future.”

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