The Pinon High School Volleyball Club traveled to Tempe, Arizona to attend the Indigenous Fall Ball Volleyball Showcase on April 15th. The athletes were able to attend position specific training based on their positions on the court as well as receive information about college recruitment. There were about 60 volleyball athletes that attended in total while 9 traveled from Pinon High School. The athletes were also divided among different teams to test their leadership, communication, and sportsmanship abilities when playing with others they don’t know. Coaches at the event were looking at these main characteristics through out the day. After a day of skills training and a round Robbin tournament the athletes were gathered for a  closing ceremony. All athletes did a tremendous job by showing their leadership skills as well as athletic abilities playing with athletes from other schools. Each athlete brought their own skill to their assigned teams. 

At the ceremony, two seniors Mileila Chieg and Delyla Denny were recognized by coaches and event sponsors  for their abilities as athletes and leaders. Both girls were named MVP and Honorable Mentions of the Fall Ball Volleyball Showcase. They were also inducted to the Indigenous Fall Ball Hall of Fame. 

Congratulate all athletes on a job well done this weekend. They really did and outstanding job showing what Pinon has to offer. The Volleyball Club would like to thank everyone that was a part of making this trip possible.