Greetings PUSD #4 Community,

Please join us today as we celebrate the achievements and graduation of our Pinon High School Senior Class. My apologies for the confusion yesterday regarding the cancellation of the graduation ceremony. On Thursday evening, the senior class had a “lock-in” as a way to end their school year. Part of that event was the annual “senior prank”. The prank got out of hand and went beyond a joke and crossed into vandalism. Pinon High School administration initially sent communications to students and staff that graduation was canceled in response to those actions. I reinstated the graduation ceremony because I do not feel that the entire senior class, their families, and the Pinon Unified community should be punished for the unfortunate and inappropriate actions of a few students. We continue to investigate the events of Thursday evening and we will take appropriate action for any students, or staff, whose actions were not in line with PUSD high expectations for behavior.

Again, please join us today in celebration of our seniors!

Thank you,

Superintendent Ostgaard