On a yearly basis, the Arizona State Board of Education issues A-F Letter Grades for Arizona public schools. The grades are issued using state assessment results, English learner assessment results, attendance, special education metrics, graduation rates and progress towards graduation, and graduating seniors’ completion of activities that help prepare for college and career.  Prior to the pandemic PES letter grade was a "D" and over the pandemic, the state did not issue any grades so this was the first year grades were given again.  Based on that, PES has been given a "C" grade for the year!! Congratulations Students, Parents, Teachers & Staff!!

I would like to commend and thank all the students and parents for their daily attendance, hard work, and putting forward their best effort especially on all assessments.  And to the teachers and staff - thank you all as well for all your hard work, dedication to continuous improvement and motivating our students to do well daily.  We will continue to provide a well-rounded, high quality education and strive for continuous improvement.  We would not have accomplished this without everyone's commitment, dedication and hard work.  

Thank you,
Dr. Sells
PES Principal