The Arizona State Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) 2024 is an annual competition of the best of the best projects in the state of Arizona. This competition is very competitive for students will get the chance to receive cash prizes and scholarships from state universities in Arizona. I am delighted to inform you that out of 267 projects that competed for the state-science fair, one project from the Pinon High School team was recipient of two special awards. The project of

Dontrell Redhouse, Shawnille Begaye and Danizhon Dougi received the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Award. These students were recognized by the state for studying water-related science projects and a place-based project. They studied on Central Navajo Nation Windmill Water Analysis: Evaluating Local Water Quality.

Jovencio Tierra III

Science Teacher