Chris Ostgaard

Chris Ostgaard , 6 days ago

Greetings PUSD-
You can tune in live to our August Governing Board meeting at 5:00pm by using this link:

The Board packet and agenda is always posted online at:

Chris Ostgaard

Chris Ostgaard , 6 days ago

Greetings Pinon Unified Community!

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Chris Ostgaard

Chris Ostgaard , 11 days ago

Greetings Pinon Unified Community!
Thank you students and families for your efforts to make the first four days of school successful. We do appreciate your patience as we move to the new structure for the first quarter of the year.

A reminder on attendance:
All students do need to check in with the schools every day for attendance. Each of the schools is sending a Google Form for checking in each morning. The link to the form is in the student’s PUSD email each day. Students are asked to check in before 7:55 am. If students are unable to complete this form then the parent or guardian would need to call into the school office. Attendance can also be taken by participating in the Zoom or Google online meetings each day.

We do have students with perfect attendance for the first four days of school! Congratulations!

Daily attendance is still required under Arizona law, even during this time of distance learning. A student’s enrollment will still be dropped for ten consecutive days of absence.

Chris Ostgaard

Chris Ostgaard , 15 days ago

Happy 1st Day Of School!
Welcome back to SY 2020-2021! We know this is not the usual first day of school but we are excited to welcome back our students and families. Thank you for taking this learning journey with us!

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Chris Ostgaard

Chris Ostgaard , 16 days ago

PAMS Parents and/or Guardians,
Your PAMS student will receive an email every morning to check in for attendance. Please have your child check in by 8:15am every day. Directions to check in:
1. Go to
2. Click on google email in upper right hand corner.
3. Enter student’s email address (
4. Enter student’s password: DOB, Capitalized Student’s Initials, special character
6th grade: mmddyyLO#
7th grade: mmddyyPL#
8th grade: mmddyyLB$
5. You should be in Google email. Click on the Google Form Attendance in the student’s email. Complete all questions and submit by 8:15am every morning.
*If your child does not check in by 8:15am, a front office staff member will be calling you.

Check in will be easier from the Google email app. If you would like, you can download this app on your phone or onto your child’s phone from the App Store. It’s a free app. Otherwise, you can access Google email from the internet through your browser.
You can access Google accounts from any smart phone, tablet, Chromebook or laptop with a data plan or internet connection.
*Welcome packages were sent out on Friday, so please check your mail Monday or Tuesday. Instructional packet #1 will be mailed out on Monday, so that should be in your mailbox Wednesday.
If your child is online for instruction, Google classrooms and assignments have already been set-up. Live class sessions start tomorrow with ELA Class at 10:30am and Math Class at 12:15pm. If you have any questions, please call our front office at 725-2301.

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